Remove all chance and worry,

launch a Guaranteed Bestseller! 

You don't have to be a book launch expert to be a Bestseller .

Who Do We Help?

  • Authors who want to take chance out of their launch, and make sure their book hits Bestseller.

  • Authors who want their long term marketing built from the start, by developing all aspects of their book platform on Amazon.

  • Authors whose time is better spent on their primary skillset, and realize it is much more economical to outsource the Bestseller Book Launch. 

This is not coaching or a set of vague instructions in a training program. 

We manage your launch.

This is a program where I am personally involved in pushing the accelerator all the way down for your launch. I am not your coach, I am your consultant. I am doing the work and coaching you on how to do it next time. 


Say goodbye to asking for help on Facebook and sifting through which comments are useful and which are not (I have been there and it is frustrating). 


This program is about immediate and aggressive action!


Think of it as hitting the turbo button during your launch, making sure you get those much needed sales to get to the top of the charts. 

Here is what we do, and we do them extremely well:

Expert Categorization

We make sure your categories are perfectly selected, so you have the optimum chance at Bestseller. The system I use has worked for over 30 launches in the last 6 months. All of them brought home the orange banner (#1 Bestseller). 

Large Infusion of Sales

We do this by running highly targeted ads for your niche. This includes niche selection, look-alike authors,  and high performing ad creation. We add multiple forms of scarcity as well as transformative headlines to encourage immediate sales.

Monitor The Launch

This is the part that can be rather difficult, determining when to change directions. Guessing and hope are not strategies, we will monitor and compare Click Through Rate with purchases. When we do that we can determine whether the ad or amazon book description needs to be improved in real time. 

We teach you the method as well:

Post-Consultation Training.

This package includes access to my:


Secret "Ghostlauncher Clients Only" Videos.


These videos teach you to do everything I do, so you can do it next time yourself. 


You are always welcome to hire Ghostlauncher again, but I love to teach people what I do. After I complete your promotion, you will get access to a quick but powerful training explaining exactly what I did to give you that explosion in your launch. That is something you will be able to use for future books or when you want to promote this book again.

This is very powerful for your launch.

Launching can be lonely and frustrating.You don’t know who to ask for help, or you might not even know what to ask. Depending where you ask, you may get a slew of basic answers or even conflicting ones. 


That is why I created this service. 


I personally hated the helpless feeling of not even knowing what was going wrong or what to do about it. 


With Ghostlauncher SWAT Team, you are now teamed up with someone who has directly helped over 30 authors become bestsellers in the last six months. This process is the latest up-to-date strategy in action.

See what some of our customers have to say:

I tried doing this on my own and my book was ranking 565,000 out of the millions of books on Amazon. Within a day working with Ray, I literally saw my book at 4,448!  He works magic!


Jeff Yalden

America's #1 Teen Motivator

Bestselling Author of "Boom"

Ray's service provided results within hours. I was in awe and so tremendously relieved to get that banner behind me. I slept great that night.


Virginia Rittersbusch

Bestselling Author of

"Reframe Your Viewpoints"

There is a big difference between advice and help. Ray helps! I hit #1 and Best Seller within 3 days. Now almost every business conversation is about my bestselling book.


James Archer

Founder, Sharelingo

Bestselling Author "Beyond Words"

Ray helps authors simplify what they need to have a successful book launch. He helped my cut through a lot of unnecessary steps and save a lot of time. My book became a bestseller  within 4 days of my launch.

Susan Peppercorn

Bestselling Author of

"Ditch Your Inner Critic"

I felt stuck! I didn’t know who to turn to or what to do! I found Ray, and was shocked at how quickly he got the job done. Now I am a Bestselling Author, and I have even more opportunity to expose my work!

Kiyoshi Fish

Bestselling Author of

"The Highway of Life"

The biggest difference with Ray's service is that he wasn't going coach me, he was on my team doing work. I knew the service was working when my book rank sky rocketed . Life is great now, I am a Bestseller!

Petros Eshetu

Bestselling Author of

"The Introverted Immigrant's Journey"

Order Ghostlauncher Guaranteed Bestseller Now!

  • No more posting for help from friends to buy a copy.

  • No more Facebook posts asking what you should do, and getting a large range of answers that may or may not be helpful.

  • No more using little promotions that add only one or two sales but take 30 minutes to set up.

  • No more panic when your rank starts slipping and you haven’t reached #1.

Guaranteed Bestseller Launch:

You don't have to do this alone.

Stop wasting money on marketing that doesn’t work. Hire somebody who knows how to launch a book and has done it many times before. You don’t need a coach, or more training. You need someone on your team. 


You are a hero for being courageous enough to write your book, putting yourself out there and sharing your ideas with the world. This is your moment. I help people just like you by giving them a little push (and a big sales push too). I provide someone on your side who knows the launch process extremely well, and exactly what to do at this point in your launch. 


If that is something that would help you, hit the button below and we will get started immediately. 



Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What is guaranteed with Guaranteed Bestseller?

What exactly do you do in your service?

What do I need to do? What is my time commitment?   

Is there a minimum number of reviews I need?

Can’t I do this myself?

How do I pay the advertising?

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