How to start using a Bookfunnel with your book and increase your income beyond royalties!

Here is something they won't tell you: Your book is not your breadwinner. It will most likely not create riches on its own.

I remember it so clearly.
Two weeks after I had my first bestseller, I went to login to KDP and see how much money I had made. This was the start of that beautiful passive income stream.
Except it wasn't...
I remember that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. I was crushed. There was only a few dollars of earnings.
I had bought into this "passive income" side of your book, and no one had been telling me otherwise. 
That is why you need to build a business around your book. 
Bookfunnels 101 is your introduction to the world of making money on your book (outside of royalties). It helps authors learn and create a "bookfunnel" (sometimes referred to a Free plus Shipping model).
Inside Bookfunnels 101 you will learn:
  • Why you need a bookfunnel and what it is
  • Why competing with Amazon is where the money is
  • Learn the 4 parts of a bookfunnel and how to price them
  • Discover why marketing your funnel is easier than you think
  • 3 ways to position your bookfunnel like a pro
  • How to choose what to offer along side your book
  • Bookfunnels are for funnel experts only, right?!? WRONG! You can start today
  • Learn how to dropship your book so your funnel can run in your sleep
  • The secret bookfunnel software that is "push button" easy to use, so you can start immediately with confidence
There is a reason why all these top influencers use their books as a sales and marketing tool. 

In fact, that is why I show you these photos.


I first learned from each of them through a book, and then spent more time with them through mastermind events and other programs. Ray Edwards has Copy The Sells, Frank Kern has his Conver 2.0, and Jack Canfield The Success Principles.


Each of those books ultimately sells you on each of them and their trainings. 



Spend your time building a business around your book and stop fiddling with Amazon Ads...

I heard Dana Derricks say it perfectly. "Your book is your sales letter."


You now know the myth of your book. Do some people make great royalties from their books? Yes. But most of those also built a business around the book (and that business inevitably increased the royalties later). 


But learning what to do can be beyond book royalties can be so complicated. I wanted something simple, that I could share with my top clients. 


That is why I want to introduce you to... Bookfunnels 101.


When you enroll in 

Bookfunnels 101

You can start building a business around your book.

  • The True Role of Your Book In Your Business

    Your book is not and should not be your breadwinner. Learn how to use it in its proper role.

  • Free Plus Shipping Fulfillment

    Learn where to get your book shipping fulfilled or how to do it yourself.


  • How You Make Money By Competing With Amazon

    Pay yourself the royalties and discover why marketing your bookfunnel is easier than you think.

  • See These Famous Bookfunnels in Action

    Watch as we dissect the bookfunnels of famous influencers, and compare them to what you have learned. 

A Message from Jack Canfield

Change the Course of Your Book Journey

Join Bookfunnels 101! 

Bookfunnels 101

Start Your Funnel Now!

One Payment of



Start building the income and influence you deserve...


A year from today, you will surely arrive.


The question is… where?


I have been there. I waited for something to change, and nothing did.


Not until I took action.


Will you arrive at your desk in the morning still wondering if you could possibly have made more income and impact from your book?


Will you arrive at home after a long and frustrating day at work, hoping someday to be a part of something big, like a book and an online business?




Will this be your year that you change your stars?


Will you see the path path to learning to put your book to work for you, in the role it was meant for?


Where do you want to be?


Choose the path that takes you where you want to go.


I hope you’ll join me on this exciting journey to building income and influence from your book!


To Your Success, 


Ray Brehm


P.S. How long are you willing to deal with the frustration, the fear, the emptiness of not getting started? Join now!

Ray Brehm

Ray is one of the most sought after book launch coaches in the marketplace. He is a member of The National Academy of Best Selling Authors® and an author of over 15 books. 

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