How You can Launch an Amazon Bestseller 

regardless of your marketing experience or what Amazon is doing with their algorithm at any given time. 

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Ray Brehm

From the desk of Ray Brehm.

Dear Friends,


If you are an author that wants to ensure your best book launch possible, and have a shot at a Bestseller, this may be one of the most important letters you read this year. 

Authors shouldn't have to be expert marketers

There is nothing more frustrating than spending an incredible amount of blood, sweat and tears writing your book, only to launch it to crickets on Amazon. 


I know, I have been there. 


And if you have been there, or you are worried that is how your launch might turn out, you are not alone. And it is not your fault. 


More frustrating is the fact that there are all kinds of $2000 courses, or $5000 course/coaching systems that are more about publishing than launching. 


Publishing is producing the book for purchase. Launching is about marketing.


The truth is, once you understand how Amazon works, you have an incrementally better chance of hitting bestseller with your book. 


In fact, it is not that difficult. 


That is when I learned my system through trial and error, I took out everything but the most important parts. 

A Simple and Effective System

Then I compiled all those important parts into a system that I have used with one-on-one Done-For-You clients for over 4 years.


It works every time when properly implemented. 


In fact, I cringe when I see the typical headline "Amazon changed their Algorithm" that many use to sell their courses. 


The algorithm is important, but if you aren't trying to game the system, changes to the algorithm won't cause panic. 


The Amazon Bestseller Formula works based on how Amazon ranks bestsellers, not how the "algorithm" is working on any given day. 


That is why I rely on it for all of my own launches, and those of my clients. It has been used to launch over 100 bestsellers in the last few years. 




Why You Shouldn't Hire Me

When people contact me about launching their books for them using my Ghostlauncher Done-For-You service, the first thing I tell them is they should not hire me.


Why do I do that?


Because nearly everyone can do what I do, using my system. The only reason someone should hire me is if they don't have time or don't want to learn it themselves. 


Amazon Bestseller Formula teaches you my no-frills approach to becoming a Bestselling Author.


No fluff, no BS, just the exact method I use myself and for my clients every time. 

In this masterclass framework, you will learn:

  • Why I almost NEVER use the FREE LAUNCH method even thought most gurus will tell you to use it.

  • The 3 Steps to hit bestseller, and why you should ignore everything else

  • The one step most authors mess up and how to become an expert at it

  • The only advertising you need to do, ignore what the rest of the experts say

  • The one site that is a better place to advertise than all the rest and why most authors don’t understand it

  • Stop wasting your time on what other gurus tell you!


This method is easier, faster and more successful than anything else you may have tried.

If you are going to launch a self-published book, you might as well make it a bestseller, and this course will show you how.

Enroll today for only $297 - This Week Only $97


Remember that we offer a full 30-day refund guarantee, so it’s a risk-free purchase!

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This course is a one-time payment for lifetime access, delivered on my platform portal. 

I tried doing this on my own and my book was ranking 565,000 out of the millions of books on Amazon. Within a day working with Ray, I literally saw my book at 4,448! He works magic!


Jeff Yalden

America's #1 Teen Motivator

Bestselling Author of "Boom"

Ray's service provided results within hours. I was in awe and so tremendously relieved to get that banner behind me. I slept great that night, knowing that I was now a Bestselling author.

Virginia Ritterbusch

Bestselling Author of

"Reframe Your Viewpoints"

The is a big difference between advice and help. Ray helps! I hit #1 and Best Seller within 3 days. Now almost every business conversation is about my bestselling book.


James Archer

Founder, The ShareLingo Project, Bestselling Author of "Beyond Words"

I felt stuck! I didn’t know who to turn to or what to do! I found Ray, and was shocked at how quickly he got the job done. Now I am a Bestselling Author, and I have even more  opportunity to expose my work!!

Kiyoshi Fish

Bestselling Author of

"The Highway of Life"

Ray helps authors simplify what they need to have a successful book launch. He helped my cut through a lot of unnecessary steps and save a lot of time. My book became a bestseller within 4 days of my launch.

Susan Peppercorn

Bestselling Author of

"Ditch Your Inner Critic"

The biggest difference with Ray's service is that he wasn't going coach me, he was on my team doing work. I knew the service was working when my book rank sky rocketed . Life is great now, I am a Bestseller! 

Petros Eshetu

Bestselling Author of

"The Introverted Immigrant's Journey"

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