You probably already know the benefits of getting a book published and becoming a bestselling author:

  • Build a stronger personal brand immediately

  • A permanent marketing tool - no one throws books away, and they are always working on your behalf

  • Pre-frame yourself to clients before they even speak to you. Your book shows your expertise.

  • Multiple authors are marketing you, every time the talk about your book.

  • Use it in your content marketing plan to get leads

  • Open the door to new opportunities

  • A book is your most powerful business card

  • Most people will never write the first book, you will have one to share in the next few months

  • Add to your signature, your bio, your articles and proposals

  • Instant Authority Boost



Adding that first book or another book to your library will create a huge boost of credibility to you and your brand.


If I can do it, there is no doubt you can too. 


But… when?


If you struggle with lack of confidence, lack of time, lack of money or lack of knowledge, all of this can seem overwhelming...


I get it. 

Starting and finishing any book is tough...

The idea of publishing a book, especially your first book, can be overwhelming. Not only do you have to worry about writing, but then there is formatting, editing, the cover, the marketing, the launching, getting reviews, etc...


So when I finally discovered a way to crowd source the effort, and simply participate in writing a chapter, I jumped at the opportunity! (I still jump at it every time I have a chance)


You see, you don't have to be a publishing or book marketing expert to have a book. You don't even have to write the whole book.


What is crowdsourcing a book?


You have probably seen me or someone else do it. Crowdsourcing a book is done by gathering a group of authors together, and each author contributes a chapter. 


That's it. You just worry about writing a great 1000-1500 word chapter, and let everyone else do the rest. 


The organizer handles the costs and time for cover creation, editing, formatting, promotion (marketing).


In fact, it is incredibly cost effective for the co-authors. My current costs for just the editing portion of my books costs me around $300 per chapter. 


Crowdsourcing in this way allows you to get your name out for a fraction of the total cost of a book. 


The book is your starting line...

When I finally decided to take action, my only regret was not starting sooner.


I joined a crowdsourced book with Jack Canfield and about 60 other authors. Not only did I have my first book published, but it became a permanent fixture in my Amazon Author's Library. 





It also started building my "online resume."


At least four influencers I have recently reached out to have commented that they had already "seen the great stuff I am doing."


Translation: "I have seen you have a lot of great looking books you have authored or co-authored on your Amazon bookshelf."


I was stunned, but realized I do that myself. When someone reaches out, I check and see if they have a book and how they look. 


That is why that first book became so important.



You need to make the most of your time ….

Once you publish your first book (co-authored or not), you will have turned on the ability to speed up your credibility and authority. 


I have spend that time waiting and waiting, and sometimes you just need a little push to get going and see how capable you are of becoming an author, a bestseller and an authority in your space.


That is why I want to introduce you to...


The Co-Author Project (crowdsourcing a book)

My Co-Author Project enables you to get your first book (or next book) out there quickly, and painlessly. It also allows you to learn how we publish and consistently make our books bestsellers. 


By joining this book:


  • You get Bestselling Author Status (forever!)

  • You create a lead magnet (entry) to whatever you have to offer online. This could be another book, your website, your course or coaching. (hint: you can never have too many of these)

  • You create another permanent marketing asset for your portfolio. My goal is to continuously create lead magnets and content assets. There are few better assets than a book, and few ways to get your name on a book that are more economical than The Co-Author Project. 

  • You have myself, and your co-authors marketing you forever after (free)! Every time anyone of us sends someone to read this book, that person sees you. 

  • Authority by association. Just being a co-author on a book shows you add value. This is a way to add that quickly. 

  • You don't have to be a book marketer or learn book marketing to have a Bestseller. You just need to focus on your great chapter!

The Co-Author Project

Why this works so well for you

Co-authoring a book with us will change your status and exposure.

  • A Bestselling Book

    You will become a Bestselling Author when we make this book a Bestseller through our marketing channels.

  • Global Distribution

    Our book will be distributed globally through all the appropriate publishing channels.


  • A Lead Magnet

    You determine where readers should reach you and you may even provide a lead magnet and link to it on your site to build your email list.



  • Permanent Marketing Tool

    I call this perpetual marketing. This book will forever work on your behalf to build authority and leads for your business. 

  • Power of your Co-Authors

    Witness the power of multiple co-authors promoting this book, and in turn you, reaping the benefits. 

  • Increased Exposure

    All the authors promote, and create exposure. But also, every single new lead one of your co-authors, outside of the book, becomes a potential lead for you because of your association via this book. 

What to do next...


    Enroll in the Co-Author Program below

    You will instantly reserve your spot, and any other bonuses. You will then receive an email letting you know what to do next (for the items below, like Bio and Headshot, your chapter, and your Call-To-Action. 


    We will send you How-To Info

    We want the perfect Bio and Headshot to match your platform. Don't have one yet or need help? That is what we are here for!


    Start brainstorming your chapter topic

    Ideally, your chapter not only fits well with our book, but attracts people to your website, products, coaching, other books or future books. We will help you with the idea if needed. 


    Make note of the launch dates and get ready!

    We will confirm the launch dates with you, give you promotional materials for email and social media. Then let us handle the editing, formatting, and marketing expenses. You will soon be adding a Bestselling Book Title to your library!

Some Of Our Bestselling Authors

"It is now always that we have the ability or drive to write a book on our own. Now I have the confidence for what is next." 



Dr. Kanna Krishnan

Bestselling Author and Founder of 

Positive Success Coach

"I am in the Self-Publishing industry, and I thought this would be an excellent way to get my first book out there. This was a great way for someone else to do all the work."


Karen Ferreira

Bestselling Author and Founder of

Children's Book Mastery

"It is a lot of money to publish a book by yourself. This was a fraction of the cost of what it would cost me to publish a book myself. It was a no-brainer."



Louis Vendetti

Bestselling Author of 

My Disability Doesn't Define Me

"I was fortunate enough to come across Ray when I finished my first book. The process has been just great to add another book to my repertoire. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to have a second, third or fourth book..." 

Marie Temby

Bestselling Author of

Simple Soulful Successful

"I joined The Co-author Project with Ray, the process is literally your write a chapter and you have a book."





Sierra Melcher

Bestselling Author of

How Change Really Happens

"Instantly increase your credibility and authority!"

James Archer

If you've been wanting to write a bestselling book to instantly increase your credibility and authority, but you just haven't had the time, or you're a bit overwhelmed with all the tasks (outline, title, cover design, publishing, not to mention the actual CONTENT) then you really need to think about a Co-Author project.  That's where you contribute to a book that is being put together by someone else.  I've participated in two co-author projects and both became best sellers.  All I had to do was contribute one chapter and Ray took care of EVERYTHING else. 

Celebrating the arrival of the books!

Monica Rubombora

Bestselling Author of 

Government Tenders Don't Suck

A Message from Jack Canfield


The title, subtitle and cover may change slightly, but you can be a part of this guaranteed bestseller!

What if I don't have a book yet myself?


This is a perfect way to start your author platform. When I started, I had no idea what I was doing, but that first book created a place for me on Amazon and other platforms. I was an author, and then when I launched my first solo book, I already had another in my library.


That gave me credibility for my solo book launch (and early fans). 



Join our Book and

Get Bestseller Status! 

And add this book to your library.

Build your Brand,

Build your Authority.

Build your Business.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions, reach out to our team.

When the clock hits zero, the bonuses go away!

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